Ford Mobility Program

At Ford Mobility Motoring, we have a long commitment to making it easier for persons with disabilities (and those who care for them) to purchase and adapt vehicles to fit their individual wants and needs. Here, you'll find guidance through every step of the process in choosing, financing and adapting a vehicle. Basically, it's everything you need to do what moves you.

Vehicle Eligibility

  • All new Ford cars, vans, CUVs, SUVs and trucks sold or leased during the program period are eligible in the Ford Mobility Motoring Program.
  • New vehicles acquired from a U.S. Ford Authorized Pool Converter are also eligible.
  • Eligible vehicles must have the qualifying adaptive equipment installed within one year of reported purchase/lease date to the ultimate consumer.
  • Used vehicles, including those previously in rental service, lease service or repurchased vehicles available for resale are not eligible.

Modification & Adaptive Equipment Eligibility

  • Major structural vehicle modifications to accommodate the installation of a wheelchair lift or ramp MUST be completed by a Ford-authorized Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Raised roof and lowered floor conversions alone do not meet the eligibility requirements. Documentation must show that mobility adaptive equipment (such as a wheelchair lift, ramp or adaptive controls) was installed on the vehicle.
  • Adaptive equipment is defined as devices that make it easier for persons with permanent physical disabilities to drive or be transported in a vehicle.

Customer Eligibility

  • Customer must be the end-user of the vehicle that requires installation of qualifying adaptive driving or assistance equipment, or passenger aid equipment.
  • The end-user may also be defined as an organization, church, assisted living facility, nursing home, municipality, city, state or federal government.
  • Claims may be made for adaptive equipment required by a family member of the owner/lessee of an eligible vehicle, providing the equipment is permanently fitted to the vehicle.

Mobility Program Steps

  1. Get ready to drive
    Get an accessibility "prescription" at your local Driver Assessment Center, learn your state's driving laws, take driver education courses and get your driver's license, if you don't have one already.
    Find driving laws for your state
    Find Driver Assessment Centers in your state

  2. Discuss your options with your Ford Dealer
    Visit your local Ford Dealer and discuss your vehicle options.
    Choose your Adaptive Equipment Dealer and/or Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) and discuss your vehicle plan with your Ford Dealer.
    Find Adaptive Equipment Dealers in your state
    Find Qualified Vehicle Modifiers in your state
    View your Ford vehicle possibilities
    Locate a Ford Dealership near you

  3. Purchase your vehicle
    Select and purchase your Ford vehicle and arrange for vehicle transport, modification and equipment installation with your Ford Dealer.
    View your Ford vehicle possibilities
    Apply for Ford Credit (optional)
    Locate a Ford Dealership near you

  4. Order upfits and equipment
    Get your vehicle adapted to fit your needs, including modification and equipment installation by your chosen QVM and adaptive equipment dealer.
    Find Qualified Vehicle Modifiers in your state
    Find Adaptive Equipment Dealers in your state

  5. Submit receipts to your Ford Dealer
    To receive your reimbursement, submit your bill of sale and paid adaptive equipment invoice to your Ford Dealer once you've received your adapted vehicle. Your reimbursement should arrive in two to four weeks.
    Get Your Reimbursement

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