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The Muscular And Stylish 2024 Ford Explorer

2024 Ford Explorer: Release Date, Redesign, Specs & More

The 2024 Ford Explorer promises to be a popular new version of this enduring seven-seat Ford SUV. The vehicle has been redesigned for the upcoming model year; recent photos have shown us a new exterior design and some interior changes for this well-known family car. The team here at Veterans Ford is excited about the forthcoming 2024 Ford Explorer release date. Read on to learn about the suspected 2024 Ford Explorer specs, interior, trim levels, and more.

2024 Ford Explorer Redesign

Ford Explorer Exterior Updates

The redesigned Ford Explorer exterior is one of the things we know the most about when it comes to the 2024 Ford Explorer. While Ford has kept many details of this car under wraps, we have seen that this vehicle is expected to have a larger and more striking front grille. The car's headlights are pushed farther to the sides and have a sleek new design.

The new Ford Explorer may boast a light bar in the front; this has been seen on the Chinese model, but it is unclear as of this writing in July 2023 if the feature will be found on the American model. The same goes for the two-tone paint scheme that pairs your choice of color with a black roof.

2024 Ford Explorer Exterior Updated
2024 Ford Explorer Interior Updates

Ford Explorer Interior Updates

The 2024 Ford Explorer refresh includes some changes to the vehicle's interior. The air vents will likely be redesigned to make them fit more naturally into the dashboard. We have also seen a photo of a new Ford Explorer interior that boasts a smartphone shelf, a useful feature that will save drivers from searching every nook and cranny where they could have stashed their phone when getting out of the car.

The Chinese model boasts a massive 27-inch digital display stretching much of the dashboard. We have not seen any indication that this feature will make its way to the American version for the 2024 model year, but it could easily be a feature found on mid- or top-tier trims. If not for the 2024 Ford Explorer, we'd hope to see this innovative new feature on the 2025 model.

2024 Ford Explorer Trim Levels & Configurations

Ford has not yet shared any details about the available trim levels for the 2024 Ford Explorer. We are, therefore, reduced to speculating based on the current lineup of trims. If you visit our dealership and purchase our 2023 Ford Explorer for sale, you'll be able to find the following trims (subject to availability):

  • Ford Explorer Base
  • Ford Explorer XLT
  • Ford Explorer ST-Line
  • Ford Explorer Limited
  • Ford Explorer Timberline
  • Ford Explorer ST
  • Ford Explorer Platinum
  • Ford Explorer King Ranch

The numerous 2024 Ford Explorer configurations offer drivers various choices. This spacious three-row SUV is designed to haul you, your partner, and your gaggle of kids around in comfort. There are models, however, that fill other niches. The Ford Explorer Timberline is designed for off-road adventure. It boasts a raised suspension, skid plates, a limited-slip rear differential, and front rebound springs.

The mid-tier Limited model is another favorite of drivers. It uses the turbocharged four-cylinder engine – more on that below – and boasts a slew of useful features. Drivers will enjoy a 12-speaker sound system, 20-inch wheels, leather upholstery, a power-folding third row, and a heated and power-adjustable steering wheel. Our team expects the 2024 Ford Explorer trim levels to offer this compelling value to drivers.

2024 Ford Explorer Trim Levels & Configurations
2024 Ford Explorer Hybrid

2024 Ford Explorer Hybrid

For the current model year, the Ford Explorer is available as a hybrid in the Limited and Platinum trims. The 2023 model produces 318 horsepower and 322 pound-feet of torque, allowing you to roar down the road while burning through less gasoline. Both the environment and your wallet will thank you for this judicious purchase.

We expect that the 2024 Ford Explorer will be available as a hybrid SUV in these two trims at the least. The current model can tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped and earns an EPA-estimated 27/28/27 MPG (City/Highway/Combined)1 with rear-wheel drive.

2024 Ford Explorer Specs

We do not yet have firm confirmation from Ford about the engine options for the 2024 Ford Explorer; again, we have to base our guesses on the current model. Drivers who opt for a 2023 Ford Explorer have the following choices available:

  • Turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder: 300 horsepower
  • Twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6: 400 horsepower
  • 3.3-liter V-6 with a battery-and-motor mild-hybrid system: 318 horsepower

Each of these engines is powerful and efficient, though they offer different balances of these traits. We think all three of these choices will return for the 2024 Ford Explorer, but only time will tell. The Ford Explorer comes standard with rear-wheel drive and has all-wheel drive as an available option across the lineup; we will not be surprised if this is also the case for the 2024 Ford Explorer.

2024 Ford Explorer Specs
2024 Ford Explorer Colors

2024 Ford Explorer Colors

Yet again, we find ourselves waiting for details from Ford, this time regarding the color choices for this spacious and muscular SUV. We are hopeful that the two-tone paint scheme found on the new Chinese model will be available here in the States. Our team expects most, if not all, of the currently available colors to be available for the 2024 Ford Explorer. These include:

  • Agate Black
  • Stone Blue
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Forged Green
  • Iconic Silver
  • Rapid Red Metallic
  • Star White Metallic
  • Jewel Red Metallic

Our team will keep our ears to the Ford grapevine for more details about the available colors and other aspects of this vehicle, such as the 2024 Ford Explorer size and cargo ratings. Please reach out to us here at Veterans Ford for the latest available information.

2024 Ford Explorer Release Date, Price, & Reservation

As of this writing in the summer of 2023, we do not know precisely when the 2024 Ford Explorer will reach dealership lots. Pre-orders for the car have not yet opened to the public, either. Our experts think that the new version of this beloved three-row SUV will arrive in late 2023 or the first half of 2024, but the jury is still out.

The 2024 Ford Explorer is not the only new model we are excited about. The 2024 Ford Expedition promises to be another bold SUV from Ford that can serve families in our region well. If you need a hand deciding which model is right for you and your loved ones, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for reading our article about the 2024 Ford Explorer facelift. Our team stands ready to help you lease or finance a Ford Explorer today if you can't wait for the new model. Drivers who are determined to drive the 2024 Ford Explorer would be well-served to contact us for the latest information about the vehicle's release. Either way, we are looking forward to doing business with you soon.

2024 Ford Explorer Release Date, Price, & Reservation


When is the 2024 Ford Explorer going to be released?

As of this writing in July of 2023, we do not know when to expect the new Ford Explorer. Our team of experts thinks that the car will reach dealership lots in the last quarter of 2023 or the first half of 2024. Please reach out to the team here at Veterans Ford today to learn the latest details about the 2024 Ford Explorer release date.

Will there be an electric Ford Explorer in 2024?

We have not yet heard that there will be an all-electric Ford Explorer in 2024. Our team expects that Ford might release such a vehicle in 2025 as we assume the brand would already have begun building hype for an electric version of its beloved three-row SUV. That said, however, Ford may surprise us with a 2024 release. Only time will tell.

How much will the 2024 Ford Explorer cost?

Ford has not yet released pricing details for the 2024 Ford Explorer. We expect the prices to be in line with those of the 2023 model, more or less. What we do know is that the Ford Explorer offers excellent value to drivers – it has a dynamic range of engine options, trim choices, and colors, allowing motorists to customize the vehicle to meet their needs and preferences.

Will the 2024 Ford Explorer get a redesign or facelift?

The 2024 Ford Explorer is expected to receive a facelift, although it will be an in-depth one. The car will likely run on the same engine options and the like but will feature a redesigned front grille and an interior with a number of improvements, including a smartphone shelf. Please reach out to us to learn the newest information about the 2024 Ford Explorer release date.

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1EPA-estimated 27/28 mpg for the model indicated. See for fuel economy of other engine/transmission combinations. Actual mileage will vary.

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