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Compare The 2024 Ford F-150 Vs. F-250 Super Duty

Ford F-150 Vs. F-250

If you're trying to choose between the Ford F-150 vs. F-250 trucks, this guide aims to help make your decision easier. Dive into the specs, details, and distinctive characteristics of these popular truck models so you can find the perfect fit for your life and needs.


2024 Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Overview

2024 Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Overview

The Ford F-150 and Ford F-250 are two iconic members of the Ford F-Series lineup, each catering to distinct needs and preferences. The F-150 is the quintessential light-duty truck, hugely popular for its versatility and efficiency. It's an ideal choice for everyday drivers, outdoor enthusiasts, small business owners, and weekend warriors. With its impressive towing capacity and comfortable interior, the F-150 seamlessly blends work and play.

On the other hand, the Ford F-250 is a heavyweight powerhouse designed for some of the toughest tasks out there. It's a go-to for those who require substantial towing and hauling capabilities, such as construction professionals, ranchers, and serious trailer towers. With its robust build and formidable engine options, the F-250 excels in demanding environments while still providing daily-driver comfort and convenience.


2024 Ford F-150 2024 Ford F-250
Transmission 10-speed automatic 10-speed automatic
MPG (City/Highway) 20/261 N/A
Seating Capacity 3 - 6 3 - 6
Max Towing Capacity 13,500 lbs2 22,000 lbs 2
Max Payload Capacity 2,445 lbs 4,268 lbs
Length 209.1 - 243.5 in 231.8 - 266.2 in
Width 79.9 in 80 in
Height 75.2 - 79.3 in 78.9 - 81.6 in
Curb Weight 4,275 - 5,757 lbs 5,697 - 7,660 lbs



Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Trim Levels

The Ford F-150 vs. Ford F-250 Super Duty truck trim levels are similar, ensuring you can experience many of the same comforts and features in the cab of each style of truck. The Ford F-150 Trim levels are:

  • Ford F-150 XL
  • Ford F-150 STX
  • Ford F-150 XLT
  • Ford F-150 LARIAT
  • Ford F-150 King Ranch
  • Ford F-150 Platinum
  • Ford F-150 Tremor
  • Ford F-150 Raptor

The trim levels for the Ford F-250 include:

  • Ford F-250 XL
  • Ford F-250 XLT
  • Ford F-250 LARIAT
  • Ford F-250 King Ranch
  • Ford F-250 Platinum
  • Ford F-250 Limited

Although the Ford F-250 has fewer trim options to choose from, it comes with as much luxury as you could ever want and more overall power than the Ford F-150. Explore our new Ford truck inventory to find well-equipped models from each lineup.

Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Trim Levels


Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Engine Options

Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Engine Options

The F-150 vs. F-250 engine options are what truly set these trucks apart. The powertrains available on each truck are what provide them with the might they need to haul payload, carry cargo, and tow trailers, boats, or whatever else your heart desires. The F-250 Super Duty truck may have a more robust towing capacity than the F-150, but the F-150 is powerful in its own right.

The Ford F-150 arrives with six available engine options, two of which are only available on the Raptor trim level. For the 2024 model year, the Ford F-150 engine lineup does not feature any diesel options. However, there is a 3.5-liter PowerBoost Full Hybrid V-6 engine option.


Ford F-150 Engine Options Horsepower Torque
2.7L EcoBoost V-6 325 400 lb-ft
5.0L V-8 400 410 lb-ft
3.5L EcoBoost V-6 400 500 lb-ft
3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V-6 430 570 lb-ft
3.5L Twin-Turbo High Output EcoBoost V-6 (Raptor only) 450 510 lb-ft
5.2L Supercharged V-8 (Raptor only) 700 640 lb-ft


The Ford F-250 engine lineup offers two gas and two powerful diesel engine options, each offering plenty of horsepower and immense torque to tackle any job.


Ford F-250 Engine Options Horsepower Torque
6.3L V-8 Gas 405 445 lb-ft
7.3L V-8 Gas 430 485 lb-ft
6.7L Power Stroke Diesel 475 1,050 lb-ft
6.7L High Output Power Stroke Diesel 500 1,200 lb-ft


Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Towing & Payload Capacity

When it comes to towing and payload between the 2024 Ford F-150 vs. 2024 F-250, the Super Duty truck wins here. The Ford F-150 has a maximum available towing capacity of up to 13,500 pounds2 and a maximum available payload capacity of 2,445 pounds. This towing and payload capacity has fallen from the 2023 model year, which offered up to 14,000 pounds2 of towing and up to 3,315 pounds of payload. Explore our used Ford vehicles to find older model-year Ford F-150 trucks.

The max 13,500 pounds1 of towing capacity in the Ford F-150 is plenty of power for hauling trailers, RVs, boats, and more.

The 2024 Ford F-250 offers a stunning maximum available towing capacity of up to 22,000 pounds, substantially more than the F-150. In addition to the towing capacity, this truck can haul up to 4,268 pounds of payload when properly equipped.

Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Towing & Payload Capacity


Ford F-150 vs. F-250 MPG

Ford F-150 vs. F-250 MPG

The Ford F-150 vs. F-250 MPG comparison is difficult to accurately depict due to the lack of EPA testing for F-250 Super Duty models, but in general, the Ford F-150 is more fuel efficient due to its smaller size, gas and hybrid engine options, and lower towing capacities. The Ford F-150 with the 2.7-liter V-6 engine is estimated to achieve 20/26 MPG (City/Highway),1 although that number will vary depending on which engine option you choose and the configuration of your truck.


Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Interior Tech & Features

The interior tech and features on the Ford F-150 and F-250 trucks are very similar due to the fact that these trucks share many of the same trim levels and Ford ingenuity. However, there are some differences. For example, Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving is available in the 2024 Ford F-150 lineup, but you won't find it in the 2024 Ford F-250.

As you explore the trim levels of each truck lineup, you'll find tons of interior tech and comfort features. The Ford F-250 offers the Limited trim, which offers a bit more in terms of amenities when compared to the Ford F-150 Platinum. The F-250 Limited offers standard features like Onboard Scales with Smart Hitch, Trailer Reverse Guidance, and more.

Both trucks come with Ford Co-Pilot 360™, a suite of advanced driver assistance features for safety and comfort on the road. If you're ready for a new Ford truck, apply for financing now and visit us to test-drive your favorite models today.

Ford F-150 vs. F-250 Interior Tech & Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Which truck has a higher towing capacity, the 2024 Ford F-150 or F-250?

The 2024 Ford F-250 boasts a significantly higher maximum towing capacity compared to the Ford F-150. While the F-150 can tow up to 13,500 pounds,2 the F-250 takes towing to the next level with an impressive maximum towing capacity of up to 22,000 pounds.2 If your towing needs involve heavy loads or demanding tasks, the F-250 is the clear choice.

Which truck has more driver-assistance features, the Ford F-150 or F-250?

The Ford F-150 has more driver assistance features than the Ford F-250 with the Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free driving technology. Aside from this feature, each truck has Ford Co-Pilot 360™, a suite of driver assistance features like Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping System, Rear View Camera, Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, 360-degree Camera System, and more.

Which truck is better for me, the Ford F-150 or F-250?

Choosing between the Ford F-150 vs. F-250 depends on your specific needs. If you require a versatile daily driver with a balance of utility and comfort, the F-150 is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you have heavy-duty towing or hauling demands, or you work in industries like construction or agriculture, the F-250 offers the extra power and capability to handle bigger tasks.

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1EPA-estimated city/hwy mpg for the model indicated. See for fuel economy of other engine/transmission combinations. Actual mileage will vary. On plug-in hybrid models and electric models, fuel economy is stated in MPGe. MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation.

1Max towing varies based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers.

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