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Custom Lifted Trucks For Sale In Florida

Custom Lifted Trucks For Sale In Florida

Lifted Trucks for Sale: The Toughest Rides in Town

Why settle for a regular truck off the lot when you could spice up your drive with one of our lifted trucks for sale? Lifted trucks always turn heads on the road, but with their incredible ground clearance and oversized tires, they really shine off the beaten path. If lifted Ford trucks are calling your name, it's time to explore all the ways one of these powerhouse machines could amp up your daily life!

At Veterans Ford, a lifted truck dealership in Florida, you'll find excellent lifted and custom-lifted models that are primed for any on- or off-road challenge. Better yet, by purchasing and servicing your lifted Ford truck through our dealership, you can also preserve your warranty! Shop our lifted trucks for sale in Florida and take home the toughest ride in the Tampa Bay area.

Benefits of Our Lifted Trucks for Sale in Tampa, FL

Benefits of Our Lifted Trucks for Sale in Tampa, FL

When done well, a lifted truck is a bit like a mechanical symphony – all the upfitted parts work together seamlessly to create a work of art, but instead of a lush soundscape, you'll have a tougher, stronger, more durable machine that can handle almost any terrain. Some people mistakenly believe that drivers only lift specific models to look more aggressive on the road. While it's true that our lifted trucks for sale have a confident stance, that's not the primary benefit of boosting your vehicle – these are!

  • Enhanced visibility because drivers are seated higher off the road
  • Increased ground clearance for off-roading and traversing rocky terrain
  • Improved shock absorption and traction thanks to larger tires
  • Better leverage to get your truck up to speed faster
  • Increased approach and departure angles
  • Possibly increased towing capacity
  • Potentially higher resale value

People who have never driven a lifted truck sometimes worry about how it will handle, believing that the added elevation raises the vehicle's center of gravity too far and makes accidents more likely. Fortunately, this is not the case. Trained professionals like the Veterans Ford technicians know how to lift Ford trucks safely, giving you all of the benefits and none of the worries.

Custom Lifted Ford Trucks: A Tailored Truck for Every Need

Custom Lifted Ford Trucks: A Tailored Truck for Every Need

Lifting a truck is not a one-size-fits-all process. In fact, there's so much room for customization that many of our customers need a quick consultation before deciding on the exact specifications they want. Lifts can be made to a truck's body, suspension, or both to give you the performance you crave. Best of all, you can custom-lift almost any truck model you want, from midsize pickups and heavy-duty models to powerful diesel beasts.

If you're curious about the options you'll have when selecting custom-lifted Ford trucks from our inventory, here's a sneak peek of the interior and exterior features you can personalize:

  • Lift Height: Do you want a simple 2-inch lift, a showstopping 12-inch lift, or something in between?
  • Wheel and Tire Size: Most lifts use 33-inch wheels or larger, giving you the best traction and smoothest ride on any terrain.
  • Suspension System: Many drivers prefer to add adjustable monotube shocks to their lifted trucks for better handling and ride quality.
  • Bumpers: Lifted trucks can benefit from high-clearance bumpers, which have short overhangs and can reduce the risk of undercarriage damage.

You can also discuss interior customizations for our lifted trucks for sale to make your cabin as sporty, rugged, or elegant as you want!

Challenges of Lifted Trucks: Protect Yourself With Professional Upfitting

Challenges of Lifted Trucks: Protect Yourself With Professional Upfitting

If you've never explored truck lifting before, the options above may seem overwhelming – or they might have you thinking you could save a few bucks by installing a lift kit yourself. While some highly skilled citizens might be able to make lift adjustments at home, the average driver should not attempt these types of customizations on their own.

Improper lifting can create more problems than fun, and there are so many factors to consider that it's easy to miss something and cause unnecessary damage unless you know exactly what to watch for. Remember how we mentioned above that lifted truck parts work together like a symphony? One of the biggest challenges to raising the height of any vehicle is making sure every "instrument," or part, is correctly installed and adjusted. Improper truck lifts can lead to severe towing and performance problems, including:

  • Unstable trailers
  • Increased roll risk
  • Improper hitch location
  • Voided truck warranties
  • Improper transmission gearing
  • Uneven or uncomfortable ride quality
  • Unnecessary stress on the suspension
  • Increased wear and tear on ball joints, tie rods, or bushings

Trusting professional lifters, like the technicians at Veterans Ford, is the best way to lift your truck responsibly. Our experts know how to offset and account for any challenges to make sure you only reap the benefits!

Shop These Popular Lifted Ford Truck Models

Now that we have a clearer picture of how a truck can be lifted and all the advantages this brings to your driving game, it's time to explore the options we carry in our inventory. Drivers in Tampa, FL, know the importance of choosing the best vehicle for their needs, whether they spend their weekends camping at Wilderness Shores or take frequent evening trips to the Fort De Soto Park beach. When you choose Veterans Ford as your home for lifted trucks, you'll find premium models like these.

Rocky Ridge Trucks

If you've been around the lifted truck circuit, you know that Rocky Ridge produces some of the most magnificent trucks in the nation. As a proud Rocky Ridge partner, Veterans Ford offers a fantastic selection of Rocky Ridge lifted trucks for sale. These models blend fit, finish, and performance to give you a truck that meets federal safety standards and brings your trailblazing dreams to life.

Ford Hennessey Performance Trucks

Hennessey Performance is legendary for creating specialty high-spec trucks that deliver an adrenaline rush on the road. With upgraded engines, suspensions, and chassis, Ford Hennessey performance trucks can take your model to unparalleled levels.

When you crave racing-inspired thrills alongside lifted truck capabilities, these models can elevate your horsepower above 500 and upgrade your airflow, exhaust, and heat exchanger to keep pace. Shop Veterans Ford to take home top-spec trucks like these:

  • Ford Hennessey Performance F-150 Raptor
  • Ford Hennessey Ranger Raptor
  • Ford Hennessey Venom F-150

Save Big With Our Ford Lifted Trucks Sale in Florida!

Turn up the volume on your daily drives when you visit our lifted truck dealership in Florida and take advantage of the incentives we're running right now. Apply limited-time and seasonal offers to save even more when you shop our new Ford truck inventory. On top of our Rocky Ridge and Ford Hennessey Performance trucks, we also carry other specialty vehicles!

Interested in selling or trading in an existing model to lower the cost of your new truck? Talk with our finance team about our helpful trade appraisal service, or find your trade-in value online with the simple tool on our website.

You can also use the Veterans Ford site to start a credit application, get pre-qualified with Capital One, calculate future payments, or get a quick quote. Our team is here to prioritize your safety, happiness, and budget, so call or visit today to see how our Ford sales, incentives, and services can lead to big savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of lifting a truck?

There are multiple performance and appearance benefits to lifting a truck. A lift kit or custom lift work can enhance your truck's off-road experience due to increased ground clearance, improved shock absorptions and traction, and increased visibility. Lifting may also increase your towing capacity, raise your truck's resale value, and give your truck extra leverage to get up to speed faster.

How much does it typically cost to lift a truck?

Lifting a truck can cost anywhere from $200 to $15,000, depending on the customizations you choose. Purchasing aftermarket parts or lift kits can add unnecessary expenses and headaches to your lifted truck experience, but shopping at a certified dealer where expert technicians can lift your truck to your specifications and make sure everything is in alignment is the best way to save on your truck lift expenses.

Can a lifted truck still tow and haul effectively?

Yes, a lifted truck is capable of towing and hauling as long as the technician performing your lift pays careful attention to the truck's suspension modifications and the location of the load hitch. Towing with a lifted truck becomes dangerous when unskilled service people do not check to make sure that the truck's entire system, including its wheels, brakes, and suspension, are properly adjusted.

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