Veterans Ford – The Gold Standard of New and Used Vehicle Sales in Tampa FL

Some of the Ford vehicles for sale here at Veterans Ford

Standing at the forefront of the automotive world and creating a dealership experience that blends together customer satisfaction and the finest selection of new Ford vehicles is far from an easy affair. However, the team here at Veterans Ford has made it a point to not just strive for this lofty goal, but to surpass it whenever possible.

Of course, when you engender a hassle-free and informative showroom environment, as well as offer up access to the best new Ford vehicles in Tampa (and a stellar used car dealership experience), achieving this industry-leading status is really not all that surprising. Going a step further with this concept, we have no doubts that once you come in and see for yourself just what we have to offer to prospective customers, you will soon find that taking your business to any other dealership in town is simply a mistake.

Enjoying All that the Latest Ford Vehicles Have to Offer

As far as the latest Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs hitting Veterans Ford's showroom floor go, it is safe to say that there is plenty of buzz and excitement spreading through the automotive community in response to these fine offerings. To give you a better idea of what you can expect when you schedule your next visit with us, here is a look at a few of Ford's most exciting new models.

Black Ford F150 king cab for sale at Veterans Ford

Ford F150

When the conversation shifts to the F150, chances are the words "rugged," "durable," and "lasting" all make an appearance in a hurry. Of course, thanks to a military-grade aluminum alloy body, expanded cabin space, and multiple new safety features, chances are that words like "industry-leading," "unstoppable," and "unparalleled" will also find their way into the discussion surrounding America's favorite pickup.

Red Ford Mustang GT for sale in Tampa

Ford Mustang

Turning heads has never been easier in the Ford Mustang. Whether you are enjoying the available 526 horsepower (HP) 5.2 Liter V8 engine, performance-gauging Track apps, or the iconic tri-bar taillamp configuration that harkens back to the classic fastback Mustangs of yesteryear, there is no denying that this year's edition of America's favorite sports car has yet again elevated the bar by which the rest of the competition measures itself.

Yellow Ford Escape SUV that is great for the family

Ford Escape

Ready to shatter the notion that SUVs are only for hauling the kids to school or carting groceries back to the house? Then it is time to give the Ford Escape a closer look. From safety features like the Escape's blind spot warning guide to connectivity with the Ford Sync smart car system, one thing is obvious about this SUV: It is ready (and willing) to tackle any adventure that comes your way.

Your white Ford Fusion sedan for sale

Ford Fusion

Owning a Ford Fusion is not just about taking advantage of the best sedan driving experience in Tampa; it is also a decision that shows you expect nothing but the best when the time comes to hit the road. By offering up hands-free calling, in-car WiFi, an optional eco-friendly hybrid powertrain, and a mountain of other premium features to its owners, it is clear to see that the Fusion is more than capable of meeting these stiff expectations.

Obviously, this is simply a sampling of what Ford's latest industry-leading vehicles have to offer to potential customers. To learn more about the entire Ford family of vehicles, feel free to give us a call at 813-637-2947 and we will help you find the Ford that fits into your daily routine today.

Understanding Why More and More People Are Buying New Ford Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

5 of the most popular Ford vehicles we have for sale at our Tampa FL location

Want to know why more and more of your friends and family in Tampa can be seen hitting the streets in new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs? It all starts with the fact that countless leading voices in the industry, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), have awarded this automaker with their highest accolades and achievements. Even the Ethisphere Institute has chimed in and noted that Ford, as the most environmentally conscious and socially responsible member of the automotive world, is the only manufacturer to earn a spot on its vaunted "Most Ethical Companies" list.

If all of the fanfare from the rest of the industry was not enough to convince you that buying a new Ford is always a good call, there is also the fact that Ford goes above and beyond to stand behind new owners and ensure that these valued customers are always satisfied with their purchase. Should you join this group, you can expect to enjoy the following coverage and protection via Ford's award-winning warranty program:

After sifting through all of this, the message we are trying to impart should be crystal clear: Buying a new Ford car, truck, or SUV is a smart choice if you are looking for both the best driving experience on the road and to connect with an automaker that truly cares about doing right by its customers.

Getting to know the Ford Commitment to Excellence

Ford motor company building that Henry Ford started in 1908

Have you ever heard of the expression, "putting the world on wheels?" If so, you might know that this was the guiding force behind Henry Ford's decision to found the Ford Motor Company back in 1908 and develop the historic Model T: A vehicle that ended up reaching sales numbers in excess of 15 million automobiles sold during its time atop the industry. Of course, at that time, the notion of bringing affordable motorized transportation to the American people was viewed as nothing more than wishful thinking.

Today, this willingness to break the mold and rethink the status quo lives on in the world's largest family-owned organization and its 117-year history of blending affordability and performance for the good men and women across the country. Adding in the fact that Ford continues to be a trendsetter in emerging fields, including hybrid and self-driving automotive technologies, shows that just because this automaker is an industry leader, it is far from willing to rest on its laurels.