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F-150 Sleeper

Get a Brand New 2024 Ford F-150
with a Supercharged 5.0L V8
for only $49,990!

That price includes the truck, the supercharger, installation, and warranty!*
*plus tax, title, and fees.

705 horsepower for less than $50,000!

Ready to Build your F150 Sleeper? View our inventory here or give us a call at (813) 637-2947

F-150 Sleeper at Veterans Ford in Tampa FL

What if I don't want a 2 wheel drive truck. How much is it to add 4x4?
Can I finance through my own Credit Union?

Once the paperwork has been finalized, it will take roughly 2-3 weeks to get the supercharger installed. If you would like, there are ways to prioritize your build. Please give us a call if you need your installation expedited.

How much is shipping?

It is impossible to know exactly what the cost of shipping will be. Please give us a call and we can get you a comprehensive quote to ship the vehicle to your door.

Can I upgrade to a Whipple Supercharger instead of a Roush Supercharger?

Yes you can! Give us a call to get a comprehensive quote!

Are your horsepower numbers “Wheel” horsepower?

The horsepower and torque numbers are rated at the Crankshaft. These figures are based on the claims of the supercharger manufacturer. Please keep in mind that Horsepower numbers can vary due to Exterior Temperature, Humidity, Quality of Fuel, and many other factors.

Why doesn’t my customized quote match up to the internet price on your site?

Please keep in mind that the advertised price does not include sales tax, title, and other fees.

Do you have the vehicles already upgraded, so I can come and drive one?

While we try to keep one of these vehicles in stock, we cannot guarantee that we'll always have one available for test drive. Please give us a call to check on Test Drive availability.

Why is there a difference in horsepower between the Roush Supercharger and the Whipple Supercharger?

Each supercharger is made differently. There is also a difference in the tune on the vehicle.

How do I know Veterans Ford's used cars for sale are reliable?

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