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Electric Vehicles at Veterans Ford

Potential Federal Tax Credits*

Ford electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEV) with MSRPs of $80,000 or less are currently eligible for federal tax credits.

* Please consult with your own tax or legal professional to determine your individual eligibility. Tax credit amount is based on vehicle-specific component sourcing and assembly and may be subject to change. MSRP cap includes all optional equipment attached to the vehicle at the time of delivery to the dealer and excludes destination charges, optional items added by the dealer, taxes and fees. The federal tax credit is a potential future tax savings. The amount of your tax savings will depend on your individual tax circumstances. Incentives and additional rebates are not within Ford’s control. This information does not constitute tax or legal advice. Click here for additional information.

Consumer Reports: BlueCruise Top-Rated Active Driving Assistance System*

Consumer Reports has just named available Ford BlueCruise its top-rated Active Driving Assistance System.**

* *Consumer Reports does not endorse products or services.

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Is It Worth It to Switch to an EV?

If you decide to go all-electric, you’ll soon appreciate the convenience of skipping those gas station lines. Instead, simply wake up to a vehicle that’s charged and ready to go. On top of that? There are potential cost savings, too.

Scheduled Maintenance Costs for Electric Vehicles

Vehicle maintenance. It’s something you have to budget for. But with fewer moving parts and no oil changes, the cost to keep your EV running could be lower than you’re used to.

Rebates, Tax Credits and Other Incentives

During tax season, you could be looking at your Ford EV in a whole new way. Thanks to existing local, state and federal tax incentives.

Electric Vehicles

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