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Ford A, Z, D, and X Plans at Veterans Ford Tampa

Ford A, Z, D, and X plan details - Veterans Ford Tampa

What buyers need to know

Buying a new Ford is always cause for celebration. What’s even better is enjoying a smooth buying experience without having to wonder if you got a great price … or ripped off. Few things hurt more than buying a new vehicle, only to find out that your neighbors paid hundreds – maybe thousands – of dollars less for the same ride. How did they manage that?

Maybe they knew how the Ford A, Z, D and X Plans work. Most buyers understand that Ford employees get a good deal. But they probably don’t realize that other vehicle shoppers – including themselves … or their neighbors – could qualify for special pricing as well. Targeting specific groups of customers, from employees to friends and family members, Ford’s A, Z, D and X plans can offer significant savings. So read up on the pricing plans and – when you’re ready to shop new vehicles – come see us at Veterans Ford Tampa where we embrace all Ford plan pricing programs.

What are the Ford A, Z, D and X plans?

What are the A, Z, D and X plans? - Ford Explorer - Veterans Ford Tampa

Here’s a look at Ford’s A, Z, D and X plans and what buyers need to know about them, including:

  • How the plans work
  • Who is eligible for which plan
  • What’s included in the plans
  • How plan discounts are calculated
  • How to participate in a plan
  • How to set up and use your PIN
  • How long your PIN is valid
  • Which vehicles are eligible
  • How much you can save

To better understand the pricing, let’s first review some terminology:

  • MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. In other words, it’s the price displayed on the sticker.
  • Invoice refers to what the dealer paid for the vehicle, which may or may not be the same as the dealer’s cost.
  • Destination Fees are fees that the manufacturer charges the dealer to cover transportation of the vehicle to the dealership.
  • The Ad Fee, which is built into the dealer prices, funds the dealership’s marketing costs.
  • Holdback is an amount that automakers pay dealers, and which affects the dealer’s actual vehicle cost.

What is the Ford A plan?

Designed for active Ford Motor Company corporate employees, the A Plan is Ford’s best discount offering. Not only do those on the company payroll qualify for the largest discount, they also can exercise their buying prerogatives more often than participants in other plans.

In addition to full-time hourly and salaried employees, immediate family members of employees, same-sex spouses/partners and immediate family members, and surviving spouses of employees who died while still working for Ford are eligible for the A Plan. A Plan participants can use up to four PINs per calendar year to purchase or lease a new vehicle.

How the A Plan calculated: Invoice - Holdback - Advertising Fee + a $275 program fee.

As an example, let’s calculate the price of the popular Ford F-150 XL from Veterans Ford Tampa:

  • MSRP: $37,120
  • Invoice: $35,375
  • Destination fee: $1,355
  • Ad fee: $716
  • Holdback: $1,074
  • Here’s the math: $35,375 - $1,074 - $716 + $275 = $33,860

What is the Ford Z plan?

Ford retirees are the focus of the Z-Plan. Because it’s identical to the A Plan, the two plans are often referred to together as the A/Z Plan. Spouses and surviving spouses of retirees are included in the Z Plan. Like A Plan participants, those covered by the Z Plan can access four PINs per calendar year.

How it’s calculated: same as Plan A.

What is the Ford D plan?

The sales staff and other employees you encounter at your dealership work for the local business, not Ford Motor Company. The D Plan is designed specifically for them, and includes their immediate families (including same-sex spouses/partners). D Plan participants can generate up to two PINs per year.

How it's calculated: A-Plan + $100

What is the Ford X plan?

The X-Plan applies to friends, non-immediate family members or members of partner organizations that have a special connection with Ford. The Friends and Neighbors X Plan allows Ford Motor Company employees and retirees to sponsor a wide range of friends, neighbors, family members or colleagues for a discount. Sponsors must know the buyers they are sponsoring and can assist them with the Plan process.

The buyers have to work through their Ford Motor Company contact and may not discuss a retail purchase of a vehicle with a dealer before applying for the X Plan. The Ford Partner Recognition X Plan allows specified partners – suppliers, for instance – to qualify for deals on vehicles. Those who qualify for the X Plan can access up to two PINs per year.

How it's calculated: Invoice - 0.4% + $275 program fee

Here’s a comparison of all four plans on a $37,120 MSRP:

A-Plan - Ford F-150 - Veterans Ford


Z-Plan - Ford F-150 - Veterans Ford


D-Plan - Ford F-150 - Veterans Ford


X-Plan - Ford F-150 - Veterans Ford


Take any additional Ford rebates off the prices above.

How much can I save with the Ford A, Z, D or X plan?

How much can I save? - Ford Edge - Veterans Ford

How much you can save depends on a variety of factors. Dealer prices vary due to local demand, the competitiveness of the local vehicle market, currently available rebates and vehicle availability.

The Ford A, Z, D and X Plan prices are predetermined by Ford Motor Company and are available throughout the country to all buyers eligible for a particular plan. The A, Z, D and X Plans offer a simple buying process and can save buyers a substantial amount, depending on their location and situation.

How do I get a PIN?

Generating your PIN is the first step toward a new vehicle on the A, Z, D or X Plan. Those buying under the A and Z Plans can generate up to four pins per calendar year. D Plan and X Plan members are entitled to two PINs per year. 

A helpful Ford website can get you started with your PIN. 

Veterans Ford Tampa can generate PINs for D Plan buyers. Otherwise, whoever is helping the buyer – the friend, neighbor or business associate who qualifies for one of the more select discount plans – can help navigate the website and provide the information necessary to generate PINs. 

Things to know about your PIN:

  • Buyers may need approval before generating a PIN – If you are not part of the A, Z or D Plans, ask your dealership or your Ford contact for assistance.
  • How long is a PIN valid? PINs are valid for 12 months, after which they will automatically expire and will no longer count against your PINs/year allotment.
  • A new PIN must be generated for each purchase.
  • To make a purchase using your PIN, provide your dealership with the PIN and the last four digits of your Social Security number. The dealership will verify the information and lock in approval to complete the transaction.

Which Ford vehicles are eligible?

With certain exceptions – listed below – plan participants can access any new Ford they have their eye on, including current year models and previous-year models that are still on the lot. Vehicles can be either purchased or leased, though lease arrangements are required to go through Ford Credit. The plans cover only the price of the sale/lease.

Participants can still trade in their current vehicle, though the value will have to be negotiated directly with the dealer. Veterans Ford Tampa, one of the pre-eminent Ford dealers in the greater orlando area, has a large inventory of pre-owned makes and models and is always interested in offering top dollar for car, truck and van trades.

Not all vehicles are included in plan pricing. Examples of exclusions include but are not limited to:

  • Bronco 
  • Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT500
  • Mustang Bullitt
  • Ford GT
  • F-150 Raptor
  • F-450, F-550, and F-650 Chassis Cab
  • E-450 Cutaway
  • E-450 Stripped Chassis
  • F-53 Class A Motorhome Chassis
  • F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis

Other useful information

  • Some Ford A, Z, D and X Plan buyers may be eligible for additional incentives. Ask your dealership for more information.
  • In highly competitive markets, you may be able to negotiate a better price on your own – though the Ford discount plans tend to offer both exceptional deals and a simple, no-stress buying experience.
  • Accessories, conversion packages extended warranties and similar add-ons are not covered by the plans and should be negotiated separately.

How can we help you with your new Ford?

Are you ready to shop for a new vehicle? Come in to Veterans Ford Tampa and find out more about the A, Z, D and X Plans and whether you can take advantage of any of these opportunities. Contact us at Veterans Ford Tampa or call us at (813)-637-2947.

Source: Ford A, Z, D, and X Plans: What You Need to Know

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