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For our customers who are more interested in picking up a pre-owned vehicle, the team here at Veterans Ford is proud to point out that our used car department also embodies a mindset and approach to business that puts your shopping needs (and satisfaction) above all else. In fact, nothing reaffirms this declaration more than our stellar lineup of Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicles. Should you end up behind the wheel of one of these thoroughly inspected and expertly reconditioned offerings, you will have access to the following support and assurances from Ford's outstanding pre-owned warranty program

  • 172-point vehicle inspection performed by factory-trained technicians.
  • Reconditioning and repairs using only parts approved by Ford.
  • 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty.
  • In-depth vehicle history report.
  • Complimentary 24 hours a day, seven days a week roadside assistance.
  • Special financing for qualified buyers.
  • Seven-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited coverage.

As you can see, Ford has crafted a program that goes above and beyond the rest of the industry in terms of how it supports and protects its Certified Pre-Owned customers. However, it is also important to note that even if you purchase a used car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) from another manufacturer here at Veterans Ford, you can also expect an emphasis to be placed upon reliability and performance. Each of these offerings must undergo a rigorous inspection process before ending up on our lot, thereby ensuring that each and every vehicle you consider is of the highest quality and always ready to handle your transportation needs.

Arming You with the Tools Needed to Make a Savvy (and Effective) Pre-Owned Vehicle Purchase

What is the worst part about buying a used vehicle? Often, the answer to this question lies not within the search itself, but rather in the fact that countless dealerships and salespeople employ shady practices and aggressive tactics to "pull a fast one" on their unsuspecting customers.

Thankfully, the team here at Veterans Ford embraces operating ideals that fall firmly on the other side of this spectrum. To prove this point and show that we mean business when it comes to doing things above the board, here is a comprehensive guide that can help put you back in control of this process and ensure that you never have to face down buyer's remorse on your drive home from our dealership.

  • Lead with Any Questions That Come Your Way – First up on our list of suggestions is to make use of your inquisitive side and ask any questions that might pop up during your search for a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. If a dealer has a problem answering one of these queries or does his or her best to sidestep with a vague response, then this is a clear warning sign that something could be amiss with the vehicle in question.
  • Do a Little Shopping in Advance – If your schedule is as busy as most of the customers that stop in at Veterans Ford, chances are you simply do not have time to spend all day walking the lot in search of the right used car. Fortunately, by making good use of our expansive online inventory tools, you can do a little shopping in advance and cut off a hefty chunk of your time spent comparing vehicles once you drop in for a visit.
  • How up to Date Are You on Your Financial Situation? – Making it a point to figure out your credit score and all of the other inputs that go into your overall financial standing can feel like a headache-inducing affair. However, working your way through this conversation in the near future ensures that you are ready and prepared to make the most of your used car search later on down the road.
  • Let Your Inner Social Media Savant Shine Through – By this point, we have spent quite a bit of time extolling the virtues of Veterans Ford and how we stand as the leading name in pre-owned sales in Tampa. If you are not quite sold on the truth behind these statements, then do not be afraid to take these concerns to the world of social media. By connecting with our growing base of satisfied customers via these digital channels you can see for yourself exactly why so many people will only bring their business to Veterans Ford when the time comes to purchase a great used vehicle.
  • Emphasize Trustworthiness Above All Else – Our last suggestion to make this list comes in the form of placing a priority on trustworthiness. The big key here is that failing to connect with a transparent and honest dealership, like Veterans Ford, opens you up to a variety of scams, ploys, and other consumer pitfalls. It might not seem like that big of a deal initially, but making a concerted effort to avert these issues and work with a trusted dealer is the best way to guarantee your safety and satisfaction once you sign on the dotted line for a pre-owned vehicle.

After delving into each of these potent buying guide points, you should be more than capable of making a smart decision when the time comes to begin the hunt for a great used car, truck, or SUV. All that is left to do now is ask yourself whether you are ready or not to put this insight to good use and foster a connection with a trustworthy team of automotive experts like the one found here at Veterans Ford.

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